Aid Cargo

Handling aid cargo requires a specialized service environment. Apart from the criticality related to delivery speed and cargo safety, it is vital to have legislation that offers trouble free operations as disruptions during emergencies are unacceptable. Advantis Free Zone is a perfect solution providing outstanding accessibility to most sub-continent locations at any time.
Situated right opposite the main airport and 45 minutes away from the sea port, Advantis Free Zone provides absolute convenience whether it is air or sea movements. Built on legislations which offer customers the convenience of operating via a tax free environment, Advantis Free Zone provides a red tape free environment to manage year around operations.

Service offerings include

  • Long term storage of cargo including value additions such as kitting, repacking, palletizing based on requirement.
  • Consolidation / De-consolidation, multi country consolidations of cargo


Global apparel and fashion industry is a fast phase industry which constantly revolves around “Read and React” which is mainly dependent on customer purchase patterns. Supply chain and logistic cycle of raw material and finished garments plays a vital role to meet such demands. Considering a Free Zone (Hub facility) is essential to gain competitive advantage for shorter lead times and minimize costs or even diversify the product offerings.
Advantis Free Zone is strategically located to improve productivity and efficiency for raw material suppliers such as fabric, yarn, garment accessories and also finished garment products connecting the South Asia, EU and USA. The recommended end to end supply chain and logistic solutions would be multi country consolidations, pick and pack operations, CFS, regional distribution, QC, re-packing and labeling etc which could be customized.


Retail industry involves the process of selling consumer goods or services to customers through multiple channels of distributions across global boundaries. Retailers satisfy demand identified through a supply chain. As the retail industry continues to transform, it’s often a challenge to keep up with consumer demands and gain market share. To overcome such challenges, retailers are heavily dependent on their manufacturers supply chain and logistics. A Free Zone (Hub facility) is essential to gain competitive advantage for shorter lead times and minimize cost or even diversify product offerings.

Advantis Free Zone is strategically located to improve productivity and efficiency for retail industry connecting the South Asia and EU and USA. The recommended end to end supply chain and logistic solutions would be multi country consolidations, pick and pack operations based on each retail outlet, regional distribution, QC and any value additions which can be customized (re packing, labeling, bundling, kitting etc.)

Metal Products

The global steel industry is the critical backbone of the industrialized value chain. Steel is a centerpiece of innovation and economic growth and an essential base material for significant sectors, such as automotive and aerospace. Free Zones (Hub facility) help to gain competitive advantage for shorter lead times and minimize cost.

Advantis Free Zone is strategically located to improve productivity and efficiency for products such as steel pipes, tubes and coils. The recommended end to end supply chain and logistic solutions would be cross docking to hide the supply chain in trading, project cargo storage in South Asia, assembling of components and any customized value additions such as item cleanings, labeling and re packing etc.

Raw Materials

Raw material industry is the vital backbone for all manufacturing industries as it’s the core of production. The majority of global manufacturing is diversified in the Asian region and is globally distributed through many supply chain channels. Gaining competitive advantage for shorter lead times and minimizing cost or even diversifying product offerings is a key benefit of using a Free Zone (Hub facility).

Advantis Free Zone is strategically located to improve productivity and efficiency for raw material suppliers such as fabric, yarn, garment accessories and chemicals connecting the manufacturing locations spread in South Asia and also to distribute with ease to BOI factories within Sri Lanka. The recommended end to end supply chain and logistic solutions would be the management of cargo/inventory of manufacturers, consolidations and value additons.


In the electronics industry, it is important to understand the scope and the competitive circle around you. Importance of supply chain efficiency for electronic items relies on numerous factors. Reliable distribution plays a vital role for electronic industry in supply chain where proper maintenance and tracking of inventory allows the industry players to have a smooth logistical transaction between their shipments. Faster distribution allows electronic brands to establish their reliability to the customers. Value additions and overall cost advantage gives the electronic brands to stand ahead of their competitors.

Advantis Free Zone is fully capable of assisting customers in this space in terms of dedicated space for component assembly and repairs, product specific stickering to be pasted in electronic items or repacking these electronic items into a new packaging, QC testing and even as an extended regional warehouse for international electronic commodity traders. Advantis Free Zone currently caters to multiple electronics suppliers and traders of lights, lamps, laptops and multimedia equipment providing innovative logistic solutions with reliable faster distribution to end customers whilst providing specified value additions to support their competition in their industry.


Food industry encompasses all the activities related to the transformation of the raw food into consumable items ranging from sourcing, processing, distribution and sales that can be simply put as “farm to fork”. In this industry, lead-time minimization receives cardinal importance due to the perishability and the food safety regulations. The strategic location of Sri Lanka plays a significant role as a distribution center to optimize the efficiency of the supply chain in most of the food items such as rice and spices originating from the South Asian countries which are served to various European countries. Under this purview, plant quarantine, fumigation requirements and certifications become of utmost important to customers and Advantis Free Zone’s diplomatic relationships with the authorities enable us to serve the necessary requirement from destination countries complying with the country specific regulations. The recommended end-to-end supply chain solutions are regional distribution with fumigation services &re-export phyto-sanitary certification, temperature specific storage solutions and customized solutions such as country specific labelling and quality checks.


Fast moving consumer goods as its name suggests need to be positioned just right. Disruptions in the supply chain may leave customers vulnerable to competitor action. FMCG businesses with global networks, invest a significant amount of time and effort in streaming and simplifying their distribution. A tax free logistics hub with easy access to all ports in south Asia would be a huge advantage to any organization. Advantis Free Zone in Sri Lanka is tax free off shore logistics hub offering convenience and freedom of storing goods in close proximity to clients. As the goods are stored within a Free Zone and only dispatched based on individual market needs, customers are sure to enjoy better stock management and cash flows as well as many opportunities to create value such as country specific branding and value packs based on market needs.


We help clients to keep their drinks flowing, day in day out. Our clients come in all forms of categories, such as traders, exporters and importers. We ensure to provide full-service logistics support for wine and spirits, which involves safely warehousing and transporting, for both bottled cargo as well as bulk. We bring hands on experience and domain knowledge to the business of transporting and delivering liquor to the recipients with specialized temperature controlled storage to ensure compliance and freshness.

Wine distributors, based in Singapore, have moved to Free Zone in Sri Lanka pursuing a regional distribution model where shipping of wine is primarily done for buyers across India and Maldives. As a result of supplying from Sri Lanka, distribution cycle time went from being 2-3 weeks to 2 days enabling the trader to minimize the logistics cost.

The forms of shipments of Spirits can be Full Container for large shipments in bottles or packages. LCL Ocean Consolidation for shipments sent in small quantities and Flexitanks which is an Innovative, safe, and efficient way to transport liquids in bulk.

Advantis Free Zone at present caters by providing Dedicated warehouse space completely tax free with customizable temperature-controlled areas. Customers can also outsource to us the labeling, tagging, palletizing and gift box making services along with cross-docking solutions. (warehouses for immediate loading/unloading). Given the nature of the commodities we also facilitate air transportation for urgent shipments and door-to-door service


Whether they are liquid or solid, chemical substances act as the essential basis for foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and all forms of everyday items. Chemical supply chain requires special care in handling, transporting, and storing to prevent safety hazards such as combustion, contamination, and spoilage. We store and transport chemicals adhering to a complex set of requirement and regulations. By nature, chemicals are a complex supply chain. Each country has different rules and regulations regarding transportation of chemical goods. However with the wealth of knowledge and specialist equipment we possess at Advantis Free Zone, we are able to handle your concerns of transportation, government regulation and safety.

Safety first and adherence to statutory regulations plays an important role when safely transshipping products. We maintain all the customs formalities comprehensively checked. We are able to manage your supply chain be it large volumes of basic materials for mass production or small quantities of expensive chemicals.

If you are a manufacturer, traders, importer who is supplying to or sourcing chemical from Indian sub-continent, you will find Advantis Free Zone Sri Lanka as the best partner to handle your chemistry in your chemical.

Marine Lubricants, Vessel Supplies

Merchant ships have become fundamental component of the global supply chain where close to 90% of the manufactured products in the world have at one point been in a vessel ensuring the consistency of the entire value delivery to the customers anywhere. In this entire transportation process, vessels receive new equipment and lubricants, mostly at the transit ports. Supply of these lubricants, oil or any other vessel requirements become extremely important since it has to be done assuring the process is hassle free and effective. With Sri Lanka’s strategic location with the capacity of handling around 7.2 millions of TEUs and being one of the best 25 Ports in the world, suppliers are attempting to cater to the demands of these vessels competitively. Traditionally, the suppliers often found it catering to vessel demands a considerable hassle in terms of cost and lead time with a lot of interventions from authorities. Advantis Free Zone has been able to address this pain point by having a customized process by making use of its close proximity to the port. With the support of authorities, the recommended solution is to store the imported oil or vessel supplies as bulk at the Free Zone facility and dispatch them to vessels calling at Sri Lankan Ports, as and when the requirement arrises ensuring minimum lead-time and the cost.