The Challenge

The client requirement was based on importing liquid oil (None DG) in Flexi Tanks and redistributing the content in barrels. Traditional process encountered utilization issues and negative impact on the environment. The procedure also incurred additional costs and eventually the operational cost increased significantly. These challenges made the entire operation a cumbersome process for the customer.

Solution Offered

  • Intervening with the authorities (Customs and BOI).
  • Import the lubricants as bulk in containers which can be reused.
  • Arrival of cargo in Flexi tanks to Advantis Free Zone.
  • Equipment is secured to the flexi tanks to discharge content
  • Content in flexi tanks are discharged in to barrels
  • Barrels are loaded in to containers for re exportation as per demand

Benefit to Client

The client was able to deliver supplies of oil and lubricants to vessels calling in Sri Lankan ports at a lesser cost and with limited interventions from authorities. By cutting down additional operational costs, the client was able to be competitive as a supplier and eventually became the number one regional player in the field of lubricant/oil supply.

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