Cross Dock Solutions

International commodity trading is a highly lucrative business proposition in modern times with many individuals/organizations using their business connections and know how to establish successful businesses. A main feature of this model is the need to restrict the supply chain visibility to the market. This is important in order to ensure continuity of the business. It is increasingly difficult to do so in modern time as online traceability is accessible to everyone allowing users find information with relative ease. Free zones have provided a vital gateway in bridging this need providing a safe, secure and most importantly a legal mechanism for trading to occur while restricting visibility of the supply chain.

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Cross Dock Solutions

The Challenge Trading is a fundamental economic concept involving the buying and selling of goods and services which complements global supply chains. Essentially, cross-docking removes the “storage” link of the supply chain which act as a platform to hide the supply chain contributors and hide the key supply chain stakeholders. The metal industry traders just…

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