The Challenge

Delivery of raw materials to manufacturing facilities on a timely manner is a crucial part of managing the inward supply chain. It becomes even more critical when you deal with the garment industry where factories work on the just in time principles. A late delivery will create factory idle times costing money, time and most importantly missing client deadlines.

Most logistics partners that we deal with have unfortunately experienced critical service failure when serving the garment industry. Once the cargo reaches the port it is of the utmost importance to clear cargo without any holdups and transport to the distribution center as soon as possible. Tight deadlines coupled with numerus SKU’s as well as multiple delivery locations require careful planning and coordination.

Solution Offered

  • Backed by the hub legislation which offers green channel clearance, free zone bound cargo is quickly and efficiently cleared in a matter of hours.
  • Transport from the port to Advantis Free Zone is carried out by a fleet of prime movers which are monitored at all times via GSP tracking.
  • Planning for distribution well in advance of cargo arrival with a dedicated account manager creating an operations plan and briefing the warehouse team of the day’s operation.
  • Outbound delivery trucks based on factory locations are arranged and positioned to receive cargo as soon as the unloading and sorting is carried out.
  • The entire operation of unloading the containers, sorting the cargo and loading outward trucks as well as updating our warehouse management system is carried out in a matter of hours.
  • Outbound trucks are dispatched and client specific reports are dispatched closing off yet another success BOI dispatch with many satisfied and relived customers.

Benefit to the Client

Operations such as this occur on a daily basis at Advantis free zone, with many customers depending on us to ensure that the supply chain is managed without any disruptions. As the free zone manages the entire logistics process from the point of cargo arrival at the Colombo port including documentation and management of the inventory clients can sit back and relax and enjoy the seamless efficiency of the free zone team delivering its promise

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