The Challenge

Some commodities require specific or controlled atmosphere, temperature or humidity level to be stored. These type of sensitive cargo require a lot of care in handling to make sure the quality is delivered to the end client. Apart from maintaining such storage and handling standards, reduced lead time, cost and ease of doing business matter considerably.

We offer specifically designed storage facilities with temperature-controlled environment for the storage of perishable goods. We major in alcoholic beverage storage and logistics. Our clients come in with a wide variety of requirements for their valuable cargo, hence we offer customized solutions to cater each and every one of them.

We have skilled staff who have gained experience in handling such sensitive cargo and bring unmatched expertise to give you peace of mind.

Most of the alcoholic beverage commodities are imported from markets such as USA, South Africa, UK, France, Italy, and Australia and distributed through India and Maldives.

With Sri Lanka having the best connectivity from Europe to Asia and the least lead time in supplying to India and Maldivian market, clients do not hesitate in choosing Advantis Free Zone as their distribution hub in supplying to the Indian sub-continent.

Customized Solution Offered

  • Keeping Free Zone Sri Lanka as the main Distribution center is a definite cost advantage
    “Free Zone Operation in Sri Lanka” is much economical in comparison to Singapore or Dubai Free Zone
  • Offer best Lead time to India and Maldives
    • 10 Days from Dubai to the client market
    • 8 Days from Singapore to the client market
    • 2 Days from Sri Lanka to the client market
  • Sea – Air movement
  • Value Addition Services – Branding, Bundle Packages, Labeling
  • Visibility for the Cargo – Ability to integrate with Client’s Order Management System
  • CCTV Coverage for Dedicated Storage

Benefit to Client

  • Best market reach through Colombo Hub
  • Reduced logistic cost and increased margins
  • Being in proximity to the end supply markets ensures on time delivery of goods of the client

Our Office

Lot No. 127, KEPZ- Phase – 4, Katunayake 11450, Sri Lanka
+94 77 297 2539

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